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Grüß Gott! Welcome to the home of Wiener schnitzel, the Habsburg empire, and coffee house culture. Vienna is a great place to live.  Use the links on the top nav bar ↑ to see general information about living here, as well as reviews of stores, restaurants and attractions.  Just looking for quick links?  ← Check the left sidebar.

Photo from Kelly Lynn Photography.

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2016 Reflection

Everytime I think about TriVienna, I think of an abandoned website. After all, it has been dormant for two years. More recently, and mainly out of curiosity and appreciation for some of the knowledge they left behind, I was successful in meeting the original creators over the internet. They helped me gain access, and I began publishing BLOG Posts. But after my last post on August 29th, my concern was that TriVienna had become a BLOG by Ken due to a lack of willing contributors. Furthermore, TriVienna is crumbling due to an increasing number of obsolete links to what was useful information, but now go nowhere.

Amazingly, TriVienna is still being looked at by an enormous number of visitors (42,556 so far just this year).  See chart below.


And the visitors come mainly from Austria and the U.S.


As we approach a new year, I sincerely hope that you will consider volunteering your precious time in helping TriVienna continue its mission of sharing useful information with those expats moving to or now living in Vienna.

You can find out more about how you can help by sending an email to me using the form below:


3 City Wave

My wife and soulmate told me about 3 City Wave during a pleasant walk around town. We stopped by to take a look and to photograph. What a pleasant surprise.


It’s a swimming pool with a built in wave that you can surf on. When we were there they had open surfing, but they also give lessons and rent surfboards and wetsuits. Best of all, spectating is free.

The web page is: 3CityWave


They will close for the winter on September 30, 2016, and I hope they come back next summer. The Austrian Championships in Riversurfing “Stationary Wave Riding” event starts September 16-17, 2016. It may be crowded, but it will be a chance to see the best compete.


To see more photographs check out Kens 3CityWave photographs.

BADEN and the Vienna Woods or just take a Bath


Taking the family out on a day hike in the Vienna Woods is a great way to get out of the house for a day.


The wide paths make it easy to avoid stares if you are pushing a stroller. Longer and steeper paths can also be found for those who like to hike.


Another attraction is to stroll around the quaint city.

For more information see:


Take a bath

Google Map

Budapest weekend

Budapest is an easy drive for a weekend getaway from Vienna. The downtown area is chock full of restaurants, and after dark, becomes quite the hot spot for nightlife.


Both sides of the Danube river provide beautiful views.

Everything is available by the light rail and easy walk.

Some parts will be appreciated by the kids because of the resemblance to Disneyland, or is it the other way?

More photographs can be seen at my travel website.



Day trip to Kahlenberg

One of the most visited day trip locations near Vienna is Kahlenberg. It has a vast view of the city and lots of easy hiking trails for the whole family.


The drive to the top is also easy or you can choose to hike.


For more information see: Heavenly views from the Kahlenberg

And http://www.kahlenberg.eu/en

Google Map