Restaurant Review: Kornat

Marc Aurel Strasse 8, 1010 Wien

Restaurant Kornat was as close to an “OMG” eating experience as we’ve had in Vienna. This seafood restaurant transported us for one evening back to Croatia, where we served a tour and frequently traveled to the coast to feast on seafood delicacies.

Kornat offers a formal, quiet, and comfortable atmosphere, as well as an attentive staff that makes excellent recommendations. We had octopus salad for an appetizer, along with olive bread and very good Croatian olive oil. For a main dish, we shared a fish platter for two, which included monkfish tails, shrimp, scallops and clams, grilled with olive oil and lemon. We also had blitva, or greens (can be either Swiss chard or spinach), a Croatian specialty typically served with fish.

Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. For dessert we had an assortment of cheeses from various regions in Croatia and a fruit platter.

It’s a somewhat pricey restaurant– expect to spend more than 100 Euros for two people for cocktails, a bottle of wine, appetizer, main dish and dessert–so save it for a special occasion or when you want to “visit” the Croatian coast for a romantic evening in Vienna.

Kornat usually has a booth at Rathauspark in summer, where you can try their specialties.

Recommended by: Marlene Monfiletto


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