Day Trip to Krems

Located about an hour’s drive from Vienna in the Wachau Valley (and therefore surrounded by vineyards) Krems an der Donau is a very old town, dating from even before the Roman occupation. The oldest part climbs straight up a hillside, with all kinds of twisty little streets and interesting houses that often extend back into the rock face.

Tiny street in Krems

There is a medieval museum I would like to see that was unfortunately closed that day. But the city museum was open, so of course we had to see that. This one is located in an old Dominican monastery, with exhibits occupying just a small portion of the extensive wine cellars underneath. Pretty cool.

Courtyard at Zur Alten Post

We had an excellent lunch at Zur Alten Post, which is an old coaching inn. It’s a little touristy, but seemed to be mostly occupied by Austrians on a day out from Vienna. The food was really good and the restaurant seemed kid-friendly.

(This is an abbreviated version of a post on my blog.  Read the full version with more photos here.)

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