Theehandlung Schönbichler

This shop has two parts: one sells tea and the other sells spirits. The tea shop has the feel of an old-time apothecary, with large jars full of tea leaves that the clerks measure and bag for you. The clerks are very helpful and ready to make recommendations if you have an idea of what you are looking for but do not know exactly what you want to buy. They also sell tea supplies such as tea-straining spoons. The clerks in the spirits section are similarly friendly and ready with recommendations if, for example, you are looking for a gift for someone and know what their tastes are. The shop has an “Austrian corner” that sells local spirits, notably wine from the Esterhazy cellar and assorted whiskeys from the Waldviertel thus saving you a road trip (though the trip to Weingut Esterhazy is worth it if you’re already in the area visiting Schloss Esterhazy or Burg Forchtenstein).

for more information:

  • Visit the shop’s website or the shop itself, located on Wollzeile 4 (across from Figmullers).

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