Day Trip to the Zotter Chocolate Factory


For all of you chocolate lovers out there, check out the Zotter Chocolate factory! About an hour away from Vienna and half an hour from Graz, you can learn, discover, explore and experience all that is deliciously chocolate. Our family of four (2 adults, 2 young children) visited Zotter’s Choco Shop Theater and the Edible Zoo this January and had a blast.
The tour begins with a short film in a quaint auditorium; the movie is in German, but you can get an audio guide in English.  Move at your own pace during this self-guided tour.  You’ll start with a group at the cocoa bean exhibit where you’ll have the opportunity to taste several cocoa beans.  Walk up the stairs and you’ll find chocolate fountains that you can dip your tasting spoon into.  Dig in, but don’t eat too much…. there’s more to come. There is an entire floor of raw chocolate tasting stations and even a hot chocolate bar that is included as part of your admission.  You’re only halfway to the end though.  The next floor offers you endless varieties of chocolate concoctions, including chocolate mango, raspberry chocolate and pistachio chocolate bites, to name a few.
I’d suggest eating lunch first and bringing a water bottle! They have an incredible chocolate shop where you can buy more of everything you just sampled. Then, go for a walk on their fully functional and self-sustaing animal farm.  There is a restaurant (although it wasn’t open during the winter when we were there) and a play ground with a gigantic slide. For families traveling with little ones, a stroller would be useful for the walk around the farm, but I don’t think you would be able to use it during the tour. Our whole family had a blast and plan to head back again this spring.

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Recommended by Brenda & Kelly. Photographs provided by Kelly Brown

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