Ethiopian Food in Vienna? Wat?

Ethiopian Restaurant
Währingerstrasse 15, 1090 Wien

I am no expert on Ethiopian food, never having actually been to Ethiopia. But, I’ve eaten in quite a few Ethiopian restaurants in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.   “Ethiopian Restaurant” on Währinger Strasse in Vienna compares well with most of them.

It’s a cozy place, with just a few tables, decorated with Ethiopian art and baskets. The owners, a nice Ethiopian couple who speak English, are also the serving staff. The menu is available in German or English. Meals are served in the traditional style, which means that instead of using utensils, you scoop up the food with injera, or Ethiopian flatbread. This is easier than it sounds–after all, the food is designed to be eaten that way. The food is normally served on one platter and shared by everyone at the table.

We shared three entrees: Doro Wat (chicken), Zelzel Tibs (beef), and a vegetable dish. Both meat dishes were spicy, probably less so than they would have been in Adams-Morgan, but definitely not as bland as many ethnic dishes tend to be in Austria. The injera was delicious.  It may not have been the absolute best Ethiopian food we have ever had, but it was yummy, and we definitely appreciated that we could get it at all in Vienna!

Ethiopian Restaurant is quite affordable as well.  Our large meal, with a glass of wine apiece, was just 32 Euros.  We’ll be back!

An Ethiopian Feast

An Ethiopian Feast

Reviewed by Kelly.


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