Bobby’s Food Store

Bobby’s is an American and British food store located on Schliefmuehlgasse 8 in the 4th, a five-minute walk from Naschmarkt. Bobby’s has the baking ingredients that can be difficult (though not impossible!) to find in Vienna: baking powder, vanilla extract, dark corn syrup, and brown sugar, to name a few.

Bobby’s is also a great place to stock up on ingredients that you would need for holiday cooking, including Libby’s canned pumpkin and cream of mushroom and chicken soups.

The store also carries American-style bacon (in the form of British streaky bacon), snack foods such as Pop Tarts and Doritos, a full range of American candy bars, refried beans, Betty Crocker cake mixes, pancake mix, Aunt Jemima and Canadian maple syrup, and icing and sprinkles. For those who either lived in England or just enjoy British food, they carry chip shop batter, Yorkshire pudding mix, a full range of cooking bases, golden syrup, tea, and a large variety of British candy. And haggis.

The prices are steep — 2.50 Euros for a can of refried beans, 5.60 Euros for a small box of Pop Tarts — but if you are yearning for some Americana, this is a great place to get your fix.

for more information

  • Visit their website (which includes an online shop), or “like” them on Facebook to get updates on additions to their stock.

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