Al Fayrooz

Al Fayrooz Lebanese restaurant, located at Universitätsring 8 in the 1st district, is a great place to go when you want to try something different and a little exotic. We had a mixed plate starter, which was about ten bowls of various food drizzled in olive oil: hummos, Mediterranean salad, stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanouj, pickles, olives, falafel, fried cheese, and a few things that we didn’t recognize but tasted fabulous.

Our main was a mixed grill, which included chicken, steak, and a kebab served with toasted pita slathered in something orange and delicious, grilled onions and tomatoes, and a rice/pasta pilaf.  Everything was so good that within ten minutes the plate was clean. The wine that we washed the dinner down with was good, albeit overpriced (30 Euros for a local red).

And of course we had dessert, which was another mixed plate that surprisingly did not include any of the restaurants’ five varieties of baklava (one of our friends had the baklava plate). Our dessert was rose-flavored Turkish delight and a custardy phyllo square. The Turkish delight was not so great, but the custard more than made up for it.

The best part? We had purchased a Groupon and only paid 44 Euros for this feast. If you are interested in trying a wide variety of foods at a small cost, I’d suggest watching Groupon because Al Fayrooz has had several offers through Groupon recently. If the above review is not enough to interest you, I will add that Al Fayrooz also has a hookah lounge, and live music and belly dancers on the weekend.

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