Vienna Zoo

Elephants galore!

I’ve been to a few zoos in my life (across many cities and countries!) but I cannot say that I have visited one zoo more often than the one here – Tiergarten Schönbrunn (I think I’ve been about 11 times since we moved here last year….I am not exaggerating).

If you haven’t been, I strongly encourage a visit! Not only is it the world’s oldest zoo (or so they say!) but it is definitely one of the most beautiful ones – and how can it not be? It’s literally a short stroll down from Schloss Schönbrunn (makes a great day outing to visit both or combine the Technical Museum with the Zoo as that’s also only a short walk away!).

If you have kids, don’t even think twice about getting the yearly card (39 Euros for the year – valid for one year after purchase; single entrance 15 Euros per adult; kids up to 6 years are free) and when you do, fill out the application for the free “zoocard” which gives you extra savings (like 10% at the yummy Tirolergarten restaurant). Did I mention there are multiple playgrounds, lots of space to run around (or for kids to ride their scooters/bikes), tons of animals (including 2 pandas), and … beergardens (gasp!)?! And – very important – when you visit, make sure you are there for the 10:30 sea lion feeding … just make sure to stand back or bring an umbrella!

Sea fion feeding - not to be missed!

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