Liechtensteinpark is located on Fürstengasse behind the Liechtenstein Palace, and accessible by the 40A bus (“Bauernfeldplatz” stop) and 5 and 33 tram lines (“Alserbachstrasse” stop and then a five minute walk down Liechtensteinstrasse from the stop). This is a large park and might be difficult to do alone if you have two young children who run off in different directions. The park is fenced in with doors, but the door to the main entrance on Fürstengasse tends to be left open and it would be easy for a child to escape the park.

The park has a large covered sand pit, swings, a zip line, multiple climbing structures, a soccer pitch, and if I remember correctly, see saws. There are many picnic tables and benches in the shade, and there is also a bathroom and water fountain.  This play ground is always packed; it seems like it is a favorite place for local kindergartens and schools to bring the kids.  This is good if your kids love large groups, not so good when you are trying to keep tabs on multiple children in multiple locations.

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