Raimund Zoder Park

Raimund Zoder Park is two separate play grounds with a goat house in between the two, and is accessible from the 35A bus (“Gustav-Pick-Gasse” stop). The entrance to the larger of the two play grounds is located on Raimund Zoder Gasse. There are swings, a large covered sand pit, a slide, benches, picnic tables, and a path through the park for a shaded walk. Caution: there is also a pond in this part of the park.

Close to the slide is a gate to leave the park; when you go through this gate, you will exit onto Gugitzgasse. Directly on your left is a derelict house now occupied by goats. You can bring vegetables to feed the goat and since the goats are used to being fed, they are not afraid of people and will come up to the fence for a visit. There are also sheep here, but it is more likely to see them milling about in the field behind the playground on Boernergasse.

Next to the goat house is a second, fenced in play ground on the corner of Gugitzgasse and Boernergasse. This play ground has picnic tables in a shady spot, a small hill that would be fun for sledding, swings, and a climbing structure. A bonus is when the sheep are grazing in the adjacent field.

Dogs are not allowed in either of these parks.

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