Türkenschanzpark is located between Peter Jordan, Gregor Mendel, Hasenauer, and Max Emanuel streets, and accessible by the 10A, 37A, and 40A bus lines. This is a large park with many walking trails and large patches of grass for sunbathing and picnics. There is a skating park, duck pond, and a dog park, and there are bathroom facilities and a restaurant. In the winter there is a Christmas market here as well, and this is a good park for sledding.

There are two play grounds in the park. One is located near the park entrance on Gregor Mendel Strasse, and the other is located further up the path that runs parallel to Hasenauerstrasse. The play ground nearer Gregor Mendel Strasse has a sand pit with a water pump that is likely meant for cleaning off sandy children, but in reality is used to turn the sand pit into a mud pit. There is a rope seat swing and some play ground equipment that would entertain older children (my one- and two-year old quickly got bored in this part of the park).

The second play ground is completely fenced in and the doors are always shut, so it is an easy option for parents with multiple children. There is also a play area for smaller kids within this play ground, but separated from the area for the bigger kids. This small kids play area has rocking animals and a small piece of climbing equipment. The main play ground has a large fire truck for the kids to play in, climbing equipment, a large slide, swings, and a large covered sand pit. There are picnic tables and benches in the shade.

This play ground is generally crowded as local kindergartens and schools bring the children here in nice weather. My kids have gotten swallowed up in swarms of screaming school children before, and the bigger kids don’t hesitate to push around smaller kids on some of the equipment.


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