Währingerpark is a large playground located on Gymnasiumstrasse (accessible by 35A, 37A, and 40A buses, stop “Währingerpark”). There is a skating park with ramps for skateboarders, a large play ground, an outdoor swimming pool with its own playground, and paths for shaded walks.

The large play ground has benches in the shade, several climbing structures, see saws, a large sand box, and a fun “underwater” theme. It is fenced in so you do not need to worry about smaller children running off, and there is a picnic area with tables directly across the path from this play ground.

The outdoor swimming pool is inexpensive, and there are usually three staffers on duty. There are indoor toilets and outdoor showers (with ice cold water), but as far as I can tell there aren’t changing rooms. The pool itself is very clean and empty during the week, but the water is rather cold: my children stayed in for 15 minutes before their lips turned blue. There is a small playground in the pool area, mostly for climbing. There is also a large grassy area for picnicking.

The overall park does have a toilet facility, located in the back near Semperstrasse.

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