There are two play grounds in Cobenzl, both of which are accessible by the 38A bus (stop “Cobenzl”). The bus stop is at the end of the parking lot nearest the Waldgrill and petting zoo, and to get to the playgrounds you take the path to the left of Waldgrill: the path is very obvious, and there are signs pointing the way to “spielplatz.”

The first play ground is almost within sight of the restaurant, though it is slightly down a hill. It has a climbing structure, slide, rocking animals, and a rope seat swing. It is a small play ground that isn’t fenced in, but there is no vehicular traffic in that part of Cobenzl so that is not a huge issue.

The path curves right at the first play ground and when you follow the path, it will bring you to both the second play ground and the foot of the forest. The second play ground has swings, a see saw, and a large climbing structure with a bridge and slide. It also has picnic tables and a beautiful view of the city.

Our family enjoys walking through the woods, and there are several paths through the woods that begin at the playground. If you have small children (like we do), the path that goes around the base of the hill is a safer bet as the climb back down the hill is very steep and slippery.

There is a bathroom at the bus stop, but a better choice would be to relax in the Waldgrill’s guest garden after a fun day in the woods. If you drive to Cobenzl, the  secondary road back to Vienna (not the road that the bus takes) is dotted with guest gardens that have their own play gardens. We are looking forward to exploring these once the weather gets nicer!

for more information:

  • Visit the parks’ website, which has a more complete listing of play ground in the wooded part of the 19th.

Be sure to visit our ever-growing list of playgrounds with reviews (in English).


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