Dianabad – the “adventure” pool of Vienna!

Dianabad is a fun indoor “adventure” pool located on Lilienbrunngasse 7-9 in the 2nd district. There is a shallow pool with warmer water and a small slide specifically for very young children, and the main pool has two shallow sections for smaller children. One of the sections has a pirate ship with slides, and the other has a playground-like structure in the water that children can climb through and over as they get sprayed with water.


There is also a big slide that requires intertubes – lots of fun to be had!

The main pool has a shallow end and gets progressively deeper, and once an hour the pool turns into a wave pool. There is also a “lagoon”  (i.e. lazy river!) that goes around the perimeter of the main pool that you can float around on a raft, and once an hour the huge water slide that goes around half of the pool is open for adventurous souls for 30 minutes’ time. Yes, everything is timed here (welcome to punctual Vienna!).


Dianabad – a very happy place indeed!


The temperature inside the pool area is usually quite warm, but sometimes (especially in the winter), can feel a bit chilly. There are tons of lounge chairs around the pool where you can relax, and on the upper level there is a cafe. The entrance fee is pricey, but this is a great place to bring the kids for a special treat.

Things to know before you go:

  • When you enter Dianabad, you must pay first – consult the price chart online or review with the cashier. You must decide how long you want to stay (2 hours, 4 hours, or all day) and pay accordingly before you enter. Note that kids up to age 5 pay a flat rate but time is a factor for older kids and adults. And yes, there’s a penalty if you overstay (1.50 Euro per each 30 minutes over for each person).
  • Changing rooms: take a breath – you are in Austria where things are a little more liberal in the changing department. When you enter,  you receive a bracelet lock to use for any of the lockers to store your belongings (there are instructions in English how to do so). You will see many rows of lockers and benches – this is the changing area for both men and women (again, welcome to Austria) – so do not be alarmed when you see more than you’d like to see of someone…. For those not willing to change in front of all of Vienna, there are small changing cabins located throughout (sigh of relief!).
  • There are hair dryers free of charge when you leave the changing area.

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Highly recommended by Mary & Nicole


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