Review: Minopolis – city for kids!

Minopolis is a miniature indoor city where kids can take on many jobs.  The three most popular ones are, of course (!),  Fireman, Baker, and Car driver (FYI: to drive one of the cars, you need to be 125 cm).  Other jobs kids can explore include Policeman, Pharmacist, Banker, Grocer, Construction worker, Train driver, Beautician, Sanitation worker, Journalist, Artist, and many more. The main language is  German, but most of the staff speak English fairly well.
Minopolis is usually open only Fridays through Sundays (1-7pm) but extends days and opening times around major holidays and breaks. Note that this is not a cheap outing – kids pay 19 Euros per person and adults are 10 Euros (after 5pm, kids pay 8 Euros and adults 2 Euros).
To park in the closest garage to Minopolis, follow the blue “P” parking signs for Reichsbrücke.  Parking is 5 euro for the day.  Interestingly, there are plenty of signs to guide the way from inside the parking garage to Minopolis but none pointing drivers (panicked Moms?) where to park or enter garages from the outside! And, FYI – you will actually have to leave the garage on foot to get to the entrance of Minopolis, so don’t leave your coats in the car if it is cold. Fortunately, there are a number of places to hang your coats once inside.
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Summarized and tested by Alicia and her two boys who probably now dream of becoming firemen, construction workers, and policemen!


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