Vienna Public Transportation – the Oeffi’s!

In Vienna, you hear everyone talking about the “Öffis” (public transport system; an Austrian abbreviation for “öffentliche Verkehrsmittel” since that’s a mouthful!). In short, everyone LOVES the Öffis – it’s fast, convenient, and affordable (the yearly pass costs 365 Euros or 1 Euro per day! Check the ticket site to see all options and prices). The buses, trams, and subways connect a huge geographic area and once you spend a little time riding around town, you’ll find it’s pretty easy to navigate the system.


The Wiener Linien site has limited English but provides a great “getting from A to B service” that helps newcomers get around town more efficiently (and we all know, Austrians LOVE efficiency!). If you have a smartphone, download the quando app to navigate around Vienna!

Note that you must buy and validate your ticket (get it stamped) before you board an Öffi as Vienna uses the “honor system” of paying for transport. If you get caught without a valid ticket, you will have to pay 100 Euros fine, and there are MANY ticket checks, so be prepared!

You can purchase single fare tickets on the bus and trams but it’s more economic to use weekly/monthly/yearly or 24-/48-/72-hour tickets which you buy in advance (all but the yearly card can be bought at a local Trafik; you can order the yearly ticket online).

Children ages 6 and under do not need a ticket and kids under 15 do not pay on Sundays, holidays, or Viennese school breaks.

If you have small kids, taking the bus and subways are easy options if you are traveling with a stroller as the older trams have very steep steps. Note that the tram driver is supposed to help passengers with strollers board (enter at the front of the tram and ask for help; in my experience other passengers generally offer to help).

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