Donaupark is a large outdoor activity park located in the 22nd district. It has tennis tables, a skating path, trampolines, a mini golf course, a butterfly field, ample benches and tables (shaded and non) for picnics, a mini railway running through the park, and at this time of year hundreds of colorful flowers in full bloom.

There is also a massive playground that takes up at least a city block’s worth of space. (If you have two or more children who like to run in opposite directions, this would be a very difficult park to manage alone.) There is a section specifically for younger kids with basket swings, smaller slides, and shorter climbing structures. There is also a large (unshaded) sandpit, and cabins for kids of all ages to explore.

The playground for bigger kids has all the playground equipment that you’d expect to see, plus three exceptionally high/long metal slides. There is a walkway over the mini railway that connects the two sections of the playground, and the entire playground is enclosed by a fence. There is a port-a-potty and drinking fountain in the playground, and there are also WC facilities throughout the park.

Donaupark is located on Arbeiterstrandbadstraße, across the street from Bundesbad Alte Donau: if you see a large Chinese pavilion, you are in the right place (the park is behind the Chinese restaurant). It is accessible by the U1 (stop “Alte Donau”) and bus 20B. There is street parking and a parking lot, but be warned: I visited on a Wednesday morning and there wasn’t a parking spot to be had.

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