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We recently hosted my in-laws, and I decided we would try a guided tour one of the days they were here. I am sure that anyone who has hosted family or friends for an extended period of time would understand the allure of sitting back and letting someone else handle the planning, transportation, and guiding for a day. We chose to do the Wachau Valley tour offered by the tour group Cityrama, and it was a fantastic experience.

A little about Cityrama: they offer guided tours around Vienna, the Austrian countryside, and capital cities of neighboring countries. Some of the tours are multilingual (as in, the tour guide speaks multiple languages fluently), and some are English only. Booking is simple: I sent an e-mail to the contact address listed on their website, and within a few hours we had reservations. Children under 3 years are free, and the way the tours are structured makes them easy to do with children. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Our tour consisted of a bus ride to Spitz an der Donau, where we caught a boat for an hour-plus cruise down the Danube. The boat docked at Melk, where we had free time to either explore the abbey’s grounds or have lunch at the abbey’s restaurant. We then had a guided tour through the abbey (in English), a bit more free time to check out the church and gift shop, and then a bus ride back to the city. During the bus and boat rides, there were multilingual announcements providing information about the tour itself and what sites we were seeing along the way.

The tour was organized so we were not herded from one thing to the next. We had about forty minutes between our arrival in Spitz and catching the boat, and an hour between our arrival in Melk and the tour of the abbey. This made it easy to use the facilities and eat and, in our case, change diapers and let the kids run off some energy. The tour guide ensured we knew exactly when and where to meet, so I never worried that we’d get separated from the group and left behind.

I plan to do other tours through this company, and I highly recommend them.

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