Drosendorf an der Thaya

Drosendorf an der Thaya is a walled medieval village located in the Waldviertel, about an hour and a half northwest of Vienna and almost directly on the Czech border. We visited the village and stayed overnight in its hilltop castle for my daughter’s second birthday.

Schloss Drosendorf

Schloss Drosendorf

We visited during the winter and there was not much going on, but we still had fun. There are signposts along the inside of the town wall that tell about what buildings used to be there and a little bit about the town’s history. Once we walked the inner perimeter of the wall, we walked through the village itself. It is a small village and it only took about half an hour to see everything, but the architecture was interesting and we enjoyed the walk.

Historic Drosendorf

Historic Drosendorf

Next we walked along the path that ran next to the outer perimeter of the town wall. Parts of it were narrow and I was convinced that my children would plummet down the hill, but we finished the walk unscathed. When the path entered the woods it widened, and the views of the Thaya and the newer part of Drosendorf in the valley below were amazing (even in the winter). This walk took us a couple hours, mainly because our children were playing around.

Path along the outer perimeter of the town wall.

Path along the outer perimeter of the town wall

The castle had a restaurant that served only pizza, but after a full afternoon of walking in the cold a warm pizza (and nice bottle of red wine) hit the spot.  We brought my daughter’s cake and presents with us, and we set up in the castle’s community room. The room was kind of creepy, but the kids enjoyed running around and checking everything out. All in all, a happy birthday for my daughter and a fun weekend for us.

A few words about the hotel. Making reservations was exceptionally easy (an e-mail to the castle’s office and we were all set), and the room they gave us was massive. It was really two rooms plus an actual “water closet.” It had a TV and internet access, and the cost of the room included breakfast in what looked to be the castle’s former chapel. The room and breakfast cost us a total of 64 Euros — you really can’t beat that.

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