Badeschiff: The “Pool Boat”

Have you ever had the dilemma where you could not decide whether you wanted to swim, ride a boat, or go to a bar? Yeah, me neither, but apparently someone did as is evidenced by Badeschiff (the “pool boat”). It is docked by Schwedenplatz next to the boat that goes between Vienna and Bratislava, and it is a really fun destination.

When you board the ship there is a restaurant that I suspect also serves as a night club to the left, and a beautiful outdoor pool to the right. There are a few changing cabins, showers, and toilets before you get out to the pool. There are also small lockers available (ask for a key at the cash desk), but I do mean small: they are just large enough to fit a pair of shoes and a change of clothes.

The upper deck has lots of lounge chairs for those who want to sunbathe, as well as a couple couch-type seats and picnic-type tables for those who want to enjoy the offerings of the bar. The bar is self-service and offered wine, beer, champagne, and pitchers of water (or it could have been a cocktail). Chill, house-type music was playing but not so loudly that you couldn’t have a conversation.

Children are allowed, but I personally would not bring my children. The pool was so deep that I could not stand, and I’m not short. It would be hard to tread water continuously while helping a younger child who was not a good swimmer. It was also quiet and I think if your children are prone to getting loud when they’re excited (as mine are), it would definitely alter the “atmosphere.”

The cost was very reasonable — 5 Euros for a day pass — and I highly recommend this for a relaxing afternoon.

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