Prosi Exotic Market

Prosi Exotic Market, located on Wimbergergasse 5 in the 7th district, is a wonderful resource for people who enjoy international cooking, and for those who want to learn (more on that later). It is less than a 5 minute walk from the U6 station at Burggasse and the 48A bus stop located directly in front of the subway station.

In this instance, American food counts as “international” and there are many well-known American brands here: Libby’s pumpkin, Nestle condensed milk, Betty Crocker cake and pancake mixes, and various snack foods. Happily, I also found all the items that I needed to make a “down home” type dinner: black eyed peas, pre-cut frozen okra, and frozen catfish. In fact, Prosi has an amazing range of frozen fish that seems reasonably priced.

Prosi also has all the ingredients you could need (and likely more) for your favorite Indian and Asian dishes, and has a good variety of Latin American foods such as refried beans, tortillas shells and chips, mole, canned chili and jalapeno peppers, etc. They have a large variety of dried beans and rices, and a limited range of fresh produce. There are also boxes of mixes and pre-made marinades and sauces if you want to try a new type of food but do not want to do all the preparation yourself.

If you are inspired by all these new and exotic offerings, Prosi also offers cooking classes on the weekend, each class on a different nationality of food. The calendar on the website it out of date, so you’d have to ask at the store for the latest schedule. The store also hosts an annual cultural festival and street fair (the one for 2013 has already taken place).

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