Snack Shop

Snack Shop, newly relocated to Liechtensteinstrasse 25 in the 9th district, appears to present itself as an American snack shop: the “O” in “shop” is a chocolate chip cookie, and their slogan “Satisfy all your cravings” is in English. Indeed, most of the brands in the shop are American and if you’re desperate for taste of home, take the 40A bus or D tram to the “Bauernfeldplatz” stop.

What will you find here? Lots of soda, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Doritos, Pop Tarts in a variety of flavors, cereals such as Lucky Charms and Cheerios that are hard to find elsewhere, box mixes (brownies, pie crust, cakes, pancakes), bubble gum, maple syrup, and a selection of candy bars. There are also a few baking items such as canned pumpkin, condensed milk, pre-made pie crusts, Crisco, and marshmallows. (No brown sugar, though.)

The only catch is that some of these things are outrageously expensive. A box of plain, yellow-box Cheerios was 6 Euros and the Lucky Charms were 10 Euros. The sticker shock was (for me) counter-balanced by the amusement of overhearing a couple Austrians debating whether a bag of Doritos would be too “scharf” to try.

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