Beer gardens & bouncy houses – more fun things to do at the Prater

If you are tired of (paying for) all the rides at the Prater and would like to take a much-needed rest, have a beer or two, and grab a bite to eat while entertaining the little ones, check out Kolariks Luftburg beer garden.

It’s located right behind the Schweizerhaus beer garden (which is also a nice choice) and the highest ride in town, the Praterturm (a very fun ride that provides a fantastic view over Vienna…if you can keep your eyes open, that is!). If you take the Liliputbahn (miniature train), the train will pass it (in fact, be aware of the little train when you enter the beer garden as you will have to cross over the tracks!)


Praterturm ... I am somewhere up there!

Praterturm … I am somewhere up there!

At the Luftburg, kids ages 2 and up can jump at their hearts’ desire at any of the bouncy houses for 3.50 Euros ALL DAY (kids can come and go as they please all day long)!


There are tables along the bouncy structures for parents to enjoy refreshing drinks and bathrooms are close-by as well. When we were there this past weekend, there was no table service at the tables closest to the bouncy houses; instead, you had to pick up your drinks at a nearby bar.

There is also a “real” beer garden and restaurant on site that serves good food (warning: they have an extensive dessert menu!) and provides a nice place for the kids to rest and eat before they head out to the bouncy houses again. The admission fee allows kids to jump on the bouncy structures at the nearby “Praterfee” as well; trampolines and other activities cost extra.

IMG_1887 IMG_1890

For more information:

  • Visit the Luftburg website (English); it’s open every day of the year and very kid-friendly (obviously!)

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