Review: Austrian Pub Grub at Brezl Gwoelb

Brezl Gwölb
Ledererhof 9
1010 Wien

Brezl Gwölb is a small restaurant located in Ledererhof, just off Judenplatz in the First District. The courtyard in front of the restaurant is secluded and pleasant, and the ground floor is quite nice, but the basement is the real attraction.  I am not sure of the exact history, but it is clearly very old.

Photo from the restaurant website.

You can see more photos here. Best of all, the basement is the non-smoking section.

We occupied a cozy corner booth and enjoyed excellent beer and fresh pretzels to start (the restaurant is a former pretzel factory), followed by a couple of simple, hearty Austrian pub dishes.  I had Jägerpfandl, which is a lentil stew topped with ham and bacon and served with a dumpling. My husband had Tiroler Gröst’l, a plate of potatoes cooked with ham and onions.  Both entrees were very good, just the right size and under 10 Euros each.

For dessert, we tried pear and apricot schnapps, and shared a chocolate-nut crêpe with whipped cream on top. It was very chocolate-y and not too sweet, which is just how I like desserts.  View the rest of the menu here. (An English-language version is available at the restaurant.) The whole meal came in under 50 Euros with tip.

Unless your young children are extraordinarily omnivorous and very well-behaved, I would not recommend you take them to Brezl Gwölb. There isn’t much on the menu that most little kids would like, and the space is too small to comfortably accommodate noisy rugrats. But, for a cozy, affordable, “date” dinner,  or perhaps a hearty pub lunch, we liked it a lot.

Reviewed by Kelly


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