Danube Island Water Playground – Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel

Looking for a fun place to cool off with your littles?  Look no further than the Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel, a 5,000 square foot water playground in the middle of the Danube River.  Located on the Danube Island, the water playground is full of natural water play for kids including a barge, splash pools, sand pit, waterfall, and a suspension bridge.





  • The ponds in the play area are shallow so it is perfect for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.
  • The sand pit has an awning and a fence providing excellent shade and a little reprieve from baby chasing for mom and dad.
  • The water is pumped in from the New Danube so it is icy cold but refreshing.
  • The public toilets are clean and easily accessible from the play area.
  • And best of all?  It’s FREE!

Available from late April to late September.  Take the U1 (red line) to Donauinsel station and walk approximately 7 minutes downstream.  Enjoy!

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Submitted by Kelly. Also check out her blog for more wonderful pictures.


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