Vienna – Now or Never!

The Vienna tourism board operates a truly impressive online travel guide to the city, with the urgent-sounding catchphrase “Vienna – Now or Never.” The website is available in English, updated regularly, and very easy to navigate and search. The center of the website’s home page has links to articles about events that are currently taking place throughout the city, and the left-hand column lists links to further event highlights and upcoming events.

The right-hand column of the page has two key features. The first is a link to subscribe to the tourism board’s monthly newsletter. The newsletter is full of information about upcoming events and topical articles: this months’ newsletter had an article about touring Vienna by boat, which was useful to me because I was researching booking just such a tour. Each newsletter also has a recipe for a traditional Viennese dish: this month’s recipe was for Tafelspitz.

The second key feature is the search bar. This website is the first site that I visit when I am looking for an answer to a question about life in Vienna, and I’ve always found an answer. Want to know the schedule for next year’s ball season? Or where to shop vintage clothing? Or where you can have cupcakes made to order? Search this website and you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

The tourism board also has an office located on Albertinaplatz directly across from the Albertina. It’s very clearly marked and easy to find, and is well-stocked with brochures and staffed by people willing to help you make whatever tourism arrangements you need. All in all, a very well-run operation!



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