Stadionbad: A place for all your swimming needs!

Stadionbad is a large complex containing six pools, huge amounts of green space, and a playground. It is located on Prater-Krieau in the second district, accessible by the U1 train (stop “Stadion”). When you leave the station walk straight, pass the stadium (it will be on your left), and walk through a large parking lot. The entrance to the pool is on the left: look for a one-story red building. Alternately you could drive and use said parking lot: the first two and a half hours are free, and it is 2 Euros for each subsequent hour.

The entrance fee is Euro 4,70 per adult if you opt for a wiesnkarte, meaning you lay your stuff out on the grass rather than use one of the cabins for storage and changing. Use of a cabin is a couple Euros extra. Kids under 6 are free; children between 6 and 14 are Euros 2,20.

Now, let’s talk about those pools!

"Big Kids" pool

“Big Kids Pool”

There are two pools: one meant for children two and under, and the “big kids pool” as my son calls it. The pool for little children is mostly in the shade and the water is very shallow (for the most part only ankle-deep) and warm. There are three tiers in the pool with little sliding ramps between the tiers. This is great for introducing small children to water.

The “big kids pool” is huge. The water at its deepest only shoulder-deep, so it is great for parents with kids learning to swim and bigger kids who want to horseplay. There are a couple fountains that are turned on intermittently, and a U-shaped pool that sometimes has a current that will push you along (it’s not too fast). There are several lifeguards posted around this pool and believe me, they watch the water like hawks and aren’t afraid to use their whistles.

Wavepool and waterslides


There is a separate wavepool that is quite big (it’s about twice the size of the pool at Hugo Wolf Park), and there are signs advertising when the waves will be turned on next. This pool gets very crowded when the waves are in operation. When the waves are not in operation, people over 7 years can use the above-pictured water slides, which empty into their own dedicated pool. You don’t have to worry about sliding into the masses, in other words. There are a fair number of lifeguards around the wave and sliding pools as well.

There are two rather deep pools: one for adult swim, and one for diving. The adult pool is very deep (my guess is 7 feet?) and peaceful. Most people were just holding onto the sides to get sun on their backs or slowly gliding around the pool. The diving pool also looked deep and it had at least one diving board; I was not brave enough to investigate this pool any further.

For the sporty swimmers

For the sporty swimmers

Lastly, there is a dedicated lap pool. I think it’s 25 meters, and it has divided lanes and starting blocks. The pool is reserved for “sport swimmers” from 4:30 on; until then there are signs saying which lanes are which (seniors, sport swimmers, etc.).

There is a huge park surrounding the pools that has lots of shade for those who don’t want to be in the sun all day. There are a few picnic tables and a shack that sells drinks and ice cream. The walk from the park to the pool is kind of dirty, but most people wear their shoes to the pool and kick them off right before going in. Picnics are allowed, but dogs are not.

Didn’t pack a picnic lunch? No worries. There is a wurstel stand when you first enter the pool area, as well as a fruit stand and an ice cream/langos stand. Another option is the self-service café that has your typical standbys (schnitzel, wurst, laibchen), daily specials, a salad bar, cakes, and ice cream bars. Inside this café is also a mini Movenpick ice cream stand.

Perhaps you forgot something for the pool? Again, no worries. There is a shop that sells pool accessories such as floaty toys and insect spray. And if you’re too stressed out from all this preparation (or lack thereof), there are on-site massages. I was not brave enough to further explore this amenity further.

If your kids get sick of all the poolside fun, there is also a playground in the park. It has a swing, slide, rocking horses, shaded sand pit, and a merry-go-round.  At the other end of the park is a trampoline to bounce out whatever excess energy there might be before you leave. All in all, it’s very easy to spend a fun and inexpensive day at this park/pool.


— Visit the pool’s website.


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