Review: Zum Englischer Reiter

Schweizerhaus is our usual lunch destination when we visit Prater, but we decided to try Zum Englischer Reiter during our most recent visit. I am glad that we did because we found this restaurant/beer garden to be a pleasant change. First of all, it was not nearly as crowded and noisy. We were able to walk right in and sit down at a shaded outdoor table without a reservation.

The wait staff was also considerably less surly. I had ordered kaese spaetzle for my parents, but the waiter brought a plate of fried cheese instead. I was worried that an attempt to send the plate back would be met with withering contempt (at best), but this worry was unfounded. I got an, “Ah, so!” with a neutral, perhaps indifferent, look. And we had a plate of fresh spaetzle in under ten minutes.

Ganze Stelze für zwei

Ganze Stelze für zwei

The stelze was the best that we’ve had in Vienna to date. The meat was perfectly tender and had a great flavor. It came with four peppers skewered through it, and with brown bread, mustard, and kren on the side. We ordered sauerkraut and potato salad to round it out, and this meal “for two” was actually enough to feed me, my husband, and my son with some food leftover.

I thought the prices here were reasonable. The stelze main, for example, cost Euro 16,90 and as I mentioned, it served as a meal for three people. I enjoyed the food (and beer) here and we’ll definitely return.


  • Visit the restaurant’s website.

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