Legoland, Germany

This past weekend, we headed to Legoland, Germany, located in the small city of Günzburg (about 40 minutes from Augsburg or 25 minutes from Ulm). Legoland is about a 5-hour drive from Vienna (longer if you are stuck in traffic which we were!) and can only be described as kids’ paradise!

Legos and fun-filled rides and attractions are literally everywhere! We visited with kids ranging in age from 2 to 8 years and based on their activities and feed-back, I’d recommend this park for kids up to about 10-12 years of age (there are no  big and scary rides like at Six Flags in the U.S.). Most of the rides require kids to be at least 1 meter (3’3″) tall but there are lots of fun things to do for shorter kids as well. There are also lots of water activities so bring a change of clothing!

The park is not very big and can be visited in a day or so. We spent two days there  which was the perfect amount of time. Note that it can get crowded during holidays and vacation times. There are pricey express pass options that move you up the lines much quicker (we didn’t go with this option as it seemed incredibly expensive and the longest we waited was 45 minutes for a water ride on a super crowded day; for other rides the wait was just a few minutes).

There is a “resort”-type accommodation option (and you can book packages) but we stayed at a close-by hotel (note this hotel does not provide A/C or fans which can be tough in the August heat!).

Kids under 3 are free and adults pay around 40 Euros per day and there are a number of discounts if you reserve early as well as family discount tickets (check their site for more information).

Also, very important for the money savers out there! You can bring coolers, drinks, and food into the park!

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