What to bring to Vienna?

So you’re moving to Vienna and wondering what to bring from home? Here’s your well-researched list of suggestions. Special thanks to everyone who provided input!

A special heads-up first: Before stocking up, it’s important to inquire about the storage capacities of your housing in Vienna! Many housing units have very limited storage space!

But if you have the necessary storage space , stock up on these hard to find treasures in Vienna:

  • any American brand things you can’t live without e.g., Peanut butter, chocolate chips, maple syrup, corn syrup, cheerios, pickle relish, favorite hair products etc.
  • if you like to bake: baking powder (only sold in small bags here), baking soda (sometimes hard to find), and vanilla extract (only pure vanilla, vanilla beans, and vanilla sugar is available here). Note that Metro sells big bags of baking soda, baking powder, and chocolate chips (see also here for more information on shopping at Metro).
  • gluten free products e.g., Pamela’s baking mix
  • decaf coffee (limited selection)
  • Mexican/international cooking ingredients unless you want to head to Casa Mexico or Prosi (see our review here)
  • Ziploc bags (expensive here)
  • batteries (expensive here)
  • gift bags (can be difficult to find)
  • contact lens solution and cases (expensive here)
  • Dryel (dry cleaning is expensive!)
  • pantyhose/tights (expensive)
  • aluminum foil (not same quality)
  • dryer sheets (unheard of?)
  • make-up (very expensive here especially if you like US brands), nail polish
  • tampons (not a big variety here!)
  • Adult & children’s medications (tylenol/advil/benadryl/aleve)
  • Kids’ vitamins
  • Children’s bandaids with fun prints
  • Kids’ finger paints and arts & craft supplies (available but can be expensive)
  •  plug adapters for computers etc
  • patio furniture if you have an outdoor space!
And finally, if moving abroad seems logistically impossible, check out AAFSW’s latest Foreign Service Companion, “Moving your household without losing your mind!”
Is anything missing from this list?  Let us know!

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