The Schweizergarten is a large park located in the 3rd district near the southern railroad station, and accessible by the D and 18 trams and 69A bus. The park itself is beautiful, with ponds, sculptures, a rose garden, and lots of shaded areas for picnics and outside games. There is also a sizeable playground that is worth a visit.

The playground has the standard equipment: swings, slides, and climbing structures. It also boasts a sizeable sand box (it is not covered, so the amount of shade depends on the time of day), a zip line, and a large water table. There is a water pump to clean the children off before you go, as well as several benches (both in the shade and not).


There are not, however, WC facilities. Directly across the small street that runs through the park is a guest garden, zum Klein Stiermark. The military history museum is also across the street from the main entrance of the park.



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