Review: Gösser Eck

Gösser Eck is one of the restaurants within Prater, located on Zufahrtstrasse near the entrance of the park accessible by the U2 stop “Messe Prater.” It’s a traditional Austrian restaurant with indoor seating and a small outdoor biergarten. It serves Viennese and  Styrian specialites with an apparent emphasis on meat: when you enter the biergarten, the first thing you see is a roaster with several entire chickens skewered onto spits slowly rotating.

We had a Groupon for a grilled plate for two, which looked like this:


The top layer consisted of two racks of ribs, two pieces of schnitzel, two Frankfurter sausages, chicken wings, and onion rings. Underneath was a bed of buttered rice and roasted potatoes. A couple mugs of Gösser Spezial brew were the perfect accompaniment to this delicious and hearty meal. I especially enjoyed the ribs, which were some of the best that I’ve had in Vienna.

The Groupon for this feast (plus a digestive that tasted like Unicum and Coke over ice) cost us Euro 14,90. I do not know how much this meal would have normally cost, but the menu prices seemed to be in line with what you’d normally pay at this type of restaurant. The servers were very friendly and the service was fast. I would definitely return to this restaurant.


  • Visit the restaurant’s website.

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