Döblinger Bad

Döblinger Bad is a large indoor/outdoor pool located on Geweygasse in the 19th district, accessible by the 37 tram (stop “Döblinger Bad”). There is also a parking lot for the pool, which was not too big and only had a couple free spots on a week day morning. The street in front of the pool was narrow (the tram runs down it) and did not look like there would be too much room to park.

The indoor pool has a large, clean changing room with lockers, a couple changing cabins, and separate men’s and women’s showers and toilets. There was also a sizeable baby change area with four thick, soft changing pads and a pack and play crib so the parents can get changed without juggling a baby. There were two additional showers by the pool, as well as another baby changing station with a pack and play.

There were three indoor pools: a large (I think 25-meter) pool for swimmers with two lanes roped off for lap swimming. There was a smaller pool with chest-deep water for non-swimmers, and a small “bath tub” pool with mid-calf deep water. The mid-sized (non-swimmer) pool also had a chair lift to help handicapped people get into and out of the pool.  The water in all three pools was warm, and the pool area itself was quite warm.

Döblinger Bad also has three outdoor pools. One is small, shallow, and warm, and is ideal for one parent with multiple children and/or non-swimmers who are starting to get used to the water. The main pool gets progressively deeper and has a water slide. I didn’t get a good look at the third because, in this instance, I was the solo parent wrangling two non-swimmers.

The outdoor pool had changing cabins, a tabak traffic that looked like it sold snacks, and a café/restaurant. There was also an indoor restaurant with outdoor patio seating. The indoor pool is open throughout the winter and offers swimming classes for small children.



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