Hugo Wolf Bad

There is a small outdoor pool located at the end of Hugo Wolf park closest to Hartaeckerstrasse. The park is accessible by the 35A and 40 A bus lines, and there is ample street parking on Hartaeckerstrasse close to the park entrance by the pool. (For more information about the park itself, visit our review here.)

The pool is surrounded by trees so the lounging area is mostly shaded, and the pool itself is partially shaded. It is not a large pool, nor is it very deep, so it is a good place for one parent to bring multiple children. It is also an ideal pool for non-swimmers who are starting to get used to the water. There is a little elephant slide that the younger kids will love.

There are outdoor showers and indoor bathrooms, but beyond that there are not too many amenities. There are a couple life guards on duty at the pool: one collects the fees at the door, and the other monitors the kids on the slide. This pool can get crowded late afternoon, but we always enjoy ourselves here.


  • Visit the city’s website that lists family pools.

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