Schafbergbad is a large park/pool complex located in the 18th district on Josef-Redl-Gasse. It is accessible by the 42A bus and 43 tram. There is also a large, inexpensive parking lot for pool guests; we paid Euro 4,90 for three hours. This is a great park for both people with and without children, and it’d be very easy to spend an entire day here.

There are an abundance of cabins, lockers, showers, and toilets. There is also a huge green space that runs throughout the park that is great for sunbathing and picnicking. There are many lounge chairs and picnic tables available to use, and the park is surrounded by trees and has trees throughout so you can be as shaded (or not) as you wish.

There are five swimming pools in the complex. First is the main pool:

Main swimming pool

Main swimming pool

The pool is split in two sections (literally, with a chain): swimmers and non-swimmers. The non-swimmer’s section is chest-deep and small enough that a lone parent could keep an eye on multiple children. There are a few platforms in this section: I think they are meant for sunbathing, but my children had a blast climbing onto them and jumping off. The swimmer section has two diving boards and a large water slide, which cannot be used by children under six years of age.

There are three small pools located in three tiered decks to the right of the main pool. Each are small (maybe half again the size of Hugo Wolf Bad) and chest deep, and the water is significantly warmer than in the main pool. There are ledges at the edge of the pool, but be prepared for the lifeguard to blow his whistle at you if you dare sit or climb on them.

Lastly is the little kids’ pool:

Little kids' pool

Little kids’ pool

You can pretty much see the extent of this pool in the picture. Outside the pool is a shower that looks like a bear and sprays you with very warm water. I don’t recommend using it, though, because though the water in this pool is only mid-calf deep, it is freezing. Using the warm shower will just make the cold entry into this pool more painful.

If you visit this pool with children and they get tired of swimming, there are two more options for entertaining them: trampolines and a small playground.



This playground is not good for smaller children: my two year-0ld could not climb up any of the ladders. I think my three year-old would have been able to, though. There are also a couple of those ride-on animals on springs, a play Jeep on springs, and a large, partially-covered sand box.

The park has a large self-service cafeteria in the back of the park, as well as a smaller stand/café in the front of the park that sells mainly coffee drinks and ice cream treats. It looked like there was also a store that sold bathing clothes and accessories (pool toys, etc.) but I didn’t see the store itself so I can’t confirm that.

All in all, a great way to spend a hot summer day.





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