Review: Demi Tass

Disclaimer: I have abnormally high standards for curry. We lived in England for three years, where we had access to curries straight from the gods themselves. As a result we don’t normally go to Indian restaurants because the food just doesn’t compare, and the few times we have gone we were horribly disappointed.

I thus do not know what possessed me to hop off the tram when I saw Demi Tass Indian restaurant, located on Prinz-Eugenstrasse in the 4th district across from the grounds of the Belvedere. I am glad that I did, though, because the curry there was good and the service was great. It was on the pricey side (about 18 Euros for a vegetable curry, naan, and drink), but it was a good treat.

Bhindi bhaji and naan

Bhindi bhaji and naan

I ordered bhindi bhaji, an okra curry. The portion was just right and while the curry wasn’t too thick, it was flavorful and had some spicy kick to it. The naan was not dripping in oil and grease, which was a good thing. Needless to say, I enjoyed the meal.

After the meal was cleared I was sitting at the table, enjoying the spicy tingle in my mouth and contemplating whether I should order a mango lassi to complete the meal. At just this moment — no kidding — the woman who appeared to run the restaurant approached the table with a smile and a mango lassi, telling me to try it. How many other restaurants can claim psychic employees?

Overall the service was great. The wait staff were all friendly and the service was prompt, and I could hear my meal being freshly made (it is a small restaurant, with only 8 tables). While this was not the best curry I’ve ever had, it was the best that I’ve had in Vienna. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit.


  • Visit the restaurant’s website.

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