Hütteldorfer Hallenbad

Hütteldorfer Hallenbad is an indoor/outdoor swimming pool located on Linzerstrasse 376 in the 14th district. It’s accessible via the 49 tram and the 43B, 47A, 52A, and 52B bus lines. It’s an easy drive for those located in the 19th district (about 15 minutes from AIS), and there is a sizeable parking garage less than half a block away (Euro 1, 30 per hour; credit card or bankomat payment only).

The walk from the parking garage to the pool involves a somewhat steep stair case and path up a hill. There is a lift that allows those with strollers and wheelchairs to bypass the stairs and the walk is less than five minutes in total. If you have a lot of pool gear, it would be a good idea to pack it in one of those wheeled shopping carts.

The garderobe was large and clean, with lots of lockers, changing cabins, at least two handicap-accessible changing rooms, and several baby change stations. There are two sets of showers: one on the way to the pool, and one poolside. There are bathrooms when you first enter the facility, on the way to the pool, and in the pool area. All the bathrooms were very clean (I have two small kids and thus had the joy of visiting every bathroom).

When I first walked into the building I thought it seemed a little sketchy. The first thing I smelled was smoke, and the way leading to the pool seemed worn compared to some other pools we’ve been to. The pool itself, however, was one of the nicest indoor pools that we’ve been to and we had a great time. The pool is going to be closed for renovations 16 September – 6 October, and this will likely resolve the “worn” issue.

The indoor pool hall has floor to ceiling windows, and the domed ceiling is also all glass. This allows for some great views of the surrounding green space and woods, and I bet it’d be beautiful in the winter when there’s snow outside. There were lots of lounge chairs surrounding the pool, and ample space to lay down your things while you’re in the pool. There were six life guards on duty while we were there and they were quite attentive.

The main pool was all one depth (about chest deep) and filled with mostly school children and their parents. There is a sizeable water slide and a couple fountains that are turned on alternately. There is a smaller outdoor pool that was accessible from the main pool via what my kids called a “doggie door”: it had a rolladen above it, which is presumably closed during the winter months as this pool is open year round.

There is also a smaller pool for little kids. It is a tiered pool: the top level was about knee deep and there is a small slide down to the bottom level, which is only ankle deep. The water was warmer than that in the main pool (though that water was fairly warm as well), and this pool was primarily occupied by the two and under set. The poolside bathrooms are located very close to this pool.

The swimming hall also had a restaurant and massage services. We did not utilize either amenity so I cannot report on those.






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