Haus der Musik

I know there are countless museums in Vienna  that could consume much of your time here but if there is one that is not to be missed (well, aside from all those amazing art museums!), it’s the Haus der Musik – the house of sound/music.

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This museum truly has something for everyone! It’s very interactive and hands-on with many fun games that guarantee a good time (think “X-box kinect-type” games  in which you play the violin or conduct an orchestra). The museum provides a great overview of the Vienna Philharmonic, showcases Vienna’s great composers and their lives, and lets you explore sounds ranging from music to everyday noises (there’s even a room that mimics sounds babies hear in-utero).

All in all, it’s a fun-filled outing that I highly recommend! And, even better, it’s free admission with the Niederösterreich Card! Regular admission for adults is 12 Euros; kids ages 3 and under are free. The opening hours are also very accommodating – 10am-10pm every day!

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