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A big THANK YOU to Milcho and Judy who contributed this fantastic post on smartphone apps with relevance to Vienna!

A note to start: some of the reviewed apps come from the Austrian Apple store and others from the U.S. Apple store. To get access to the Austrian store, go to settings, iTunes in Apple store, Apple ID, then View Apple ID, then go to country/region and click change country/region, and find it under “Österreich.” Then you need to check off the credit card and change the zip code to an Austrian zip code (1090, where the Embassy is, for example).  Now you are assigned to the Austrian Apple store.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have ongoing subscriptions through iTunes, for example, iTunes match, newspapers, etc.  If you have these, you cannot change the store until the subscription expires.

When you want to change back to the U.S. Store, repeat the same procedure and select U.S. instead of “Österreich,” and make sure that you put in back your credit card data and your address.

There is an opportunity if you put in your Austrian debit/credit card for you to purchase paid apps.  But, in general, those on the U.S. store are cheaper since they are in US$ not Euro.

Apple vs. Android: Please note that most of the apps listed here are from the Apple store and thus limited to Apple products/phones. However, Android’s play store has a number of similar app equivalents (sometimes even by the same name so search the playstore; also see the Androis Apps section further down this post).

Austrian apple Store

  • Bank Austria – the English version is not available in stores outside of Austria
  • Handy Parken – enables you to pay street parking fees from your smartphone. See our previous post for more details.
  • 48ers – for the location of the nearest recycling drop-off place, special waste disposal, etc. 

U.S. Apple Store


  • Quando – this is a service of Wiener Linien and an even more helpful trip planner. It shows when the next tram is coming and whether it is a handicap accessible one or not  It links with Citybikes and car sharing (Car2Go); add an offline map of the city.
  • Wiener Linien – you still need this one for something else – which is – if you want to buy a ticket and you don’t want to go to the station or a Tabak, or, if let’s say, you are already in the U-Bahn and realize you need to buy a ticket, or you don’t have euros.  You can pay with paypal.
  • ÖBB – this is like Quando but for the Austrian National railway.
  • Bikar – lets you find CityBike rental stations in Vienna and displays live-data of current free bikes and boxes of the stations.
  • Park Zones – to find out if you need to pay for parking or not;  you can pay for parking with this app too but it is not as good as HandyParken. You can look at the small sign on the street, as well, but this more clearly defines parking hours, etc.
  • Westbahn – Westbahnhof trip planner, purchase tickets.
  • My taxi – this app is also popular in the U.S. Licensed private drivers book through smart phones rather than a company dispatcher. Shows real time locations of the nearest taxi, calculates  fare,  favorite driver option, schedule a taxi, and pay with paypal.  You can monitor the car approaching you. Your friend/partner can also monitor your location to estimate your arrival home. Earn miles on Lufthansa. You can request a taxi at a specific time at a specific location.  You can also enter the destination.  The app will show the car is on the way and provide photo and name of driver.
  • Vienna Airport– lets you know where  the shops and restaurants are; allows you to track flights, etc.
  • ÖAMTC – this is the Austrian motor club, like the AAA in the U.S.  Even with a vignette, certain bridges and tunnels require payment. It’s great for monitoring live webcams for travels during bad weather to check on delays, road construction, etc.
  • ASFINAG – same as ÖAMTC, but can also pre-pay for video tolling, locations of nearest rest and fuel stops
  • OMV – filling station finder. There is also a pay app for OMV all around Europe.


  • Vienna Eats – Vienna’s most comprehensive restaurant guide gives you an excellent overview and detailed information on restaurants, bars, pubs and even the world-famous “Würstelstände” (sausage stands) in Vienna and selected restaurants all over Austria. This is a free food/restaurant app like “Yelp”.  If you upgrade for $6 per year, you also get menus, directions and reviews.
  • Wurstlas -all the Wurstel stands around Vienna! They are mapped, rated, hours, photos.
  • Mjam – order restaurant delivery service and pay via paypal.


  • iTranslate – speak English into the phone, press a button and the phone speaks German back. Written translation displays on the screen.
  • World Lens – point your smartphone camera at a sign or other text and it will translate, in real-time, to your target language on your screen.
  • Gretl goes: Vienna – partly free audio tours in English for major tourist sights in Vienna.  You can even plug your phone into the car and drive your visitors around on your personal tour.
  • Open times Austria – it’s 10PM and you are looking for the duty pharmacy, or you don’t know when the store or bank or bakery near you closes, check this app.
  • – needs no explanation, check the weather!
  • Prater – shows where you are in the huge and magnificent Prater Park.
  • Cars2Go – smart car rental service within Vienna.  Register an account and then borrow a car using your smartphone to find an available car and unlock it once you get to where it is parked.
  • Routex – helps map and navigate. Note this is not an app, but you can save it to your desktop and it will be kind of like an app.
  • Vintage Vienna – if you want to know a little bit more about Vienna, this online book, part is for free, the whole book is $10 is a great deal.  It contains fascinating, historical, then and now photos of Vienna and descriptions.

Paid Apps

Android Apps

A final note: The Open source data of the City of Vienna offers tons of data, so new apps are only a matter of time away! Email us if you know of new apps or ones we may have missed!


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