Grinzinger Bräu

Grinzinger Bräu, located on Himmelstrasse 4 in the 19th district, is an exceptionally kid-friendly restaurant. When I made our reservations I mentioned we’d have two children with us, and upon our arrival we were seated at a large, comfortable table in a back corner of the restaurant. Not only were our children less likely to disturb other patrons here, but there were two large tupperware bins full of toys and books. No one batted an eye when my children proceeded to take out every single toy and spread them across the floor.

The menu contained typical hearty Austrian fare (meat, meat, and more meat), but also had a kids’ section. My children ended up splitting the backhendl (half of a chicken, fried to delicious perfection) off the adult’s menu, and enjoyed the freshly-pressed apple juice on offer. My husband and I ordered a plate of Austrian cheeses, which came with grapes and breads, for ourselves, but our children ended up eating half of that as well. In fact, I think I’ve never seen my children eat as much as they did at this restaurant!

The “adult food” was also great. We both ordered a rack of ribs, which ended up being two racks per order. The ribs came with a very generous portion of crispy roasted potatoes and a couple dipping sauces. And speaking of portions: I am six months pregnant and am able to eat practically my own body weight in food. The portions here were so large, however, that I was not able to finish my dinner. Come hungry!

And beer lovers, come thirsty. My husband reports the beer is some of the best he’s had from the various brew restaurants though out the city that we’ve visited. Everyone in our family left with a full belly and a smile on their face.

for more information:

  • Visit the restaurant’s website.

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