Obstetrician in the 19th District

The version of the embassy’s health guide that we received upon our summer 2012 arrival lists several obstetricians in the 9th district, and one in the 17th. I have heard great things about a couple of these doctors, but the thought of trekking to the 9th district on a weekly basis towards the end of my pregnancy was dismaying. My solution was to find an OB closer to home in the 19th district.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kucera-Sliutz came highly recommended to me by a non-embassy American expat. She is a co-founder of a female health network and continues to do research and publish papers, and practices gynaecology as well as obstetrics. Most importantly to me is that her office is located on Agnesgasse directly behind the 35A bus stop and across from the 39A bus stop (stop “Agnesgasse” on both bus lines). She delivers primarily at Privatklink Rudolfinerhaus, but will follow her patients to other hospitals if they choose to deliver elsewhere.

Another huge bonus (that I’ve not yet had to utilize) is that her office provides child care during your appointment if you request it in advance. There is a play area with cushions on the floor, books, and toys. I assume it’s her office manager who would be watching the children, and her office manager speaks excellent English. The doctor herself speaks near-fluent English.

Every appointment is split into two parts: the first part is where you are weighed and the doctor checks the baby via ultrasound, and the second part is when you sit with the doctor to discuss any questions or concerns that you have. You literally move into a separate sitting area for the discussion, so you don’t feel like you are rushed to leave the office before you have a chance to discuss whatever is on your mind.

Dr. Kucera-Sliutz can take blood for a majority of the necessary blood work in her office, which saves you several trips to the lab. The lab sends you its bills directly through the mail.  There have been three instances where she has had to refer me to outside providers: for a second trimester physical exam (OBs here don’t do physical exams apparently), a detailed anomaly scan, and a glucose test. In each instance she provided a referral to a place where the staff spoke English, and gave detailed contact information for the facilities.

I have been very pleased with the care that Dr. Kucera-Sliutz has provided thus far and highly recommend her.

for more information:

  • Visit the medical practice’s website.



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