Grüass Di a Gott Wirt

Grüass Di a Gott Wirt is a restaurant and guest garden located in the Wienerwald either in the 19th district, or just outside it. It’s open every day except Monday and serves food throughout the day. The menu is smaller than those typically found at Austrian guest gardens, but the food is great and the servers are very friendly. The restaurant is dog- and kid-friendly, which is good because it’s the perfect beginning or ending point for an afternoon in the woods.

Right next to the restaurant, separated by a small walking path, is a good size playground that has swings, see saws, a sand box, soccer nets, and the typical climbing structure that includes a bridge, slide, and pole. You cannot see the playground from the restaurant’s guest garden, though, so parents would not be able to relax with a beer while the kids play as they could at other restaurant/guest gardens.

The aforementioned walking path is a marked path that leads you through the woods. We have not taken this path yet so I cannot comment with certainty on its length or difficulty, but I can say that at least the beginning looks easy enough that we plan to try it with our three- and four-year old one afternoon this spring. After filling up with delicious Austrian fare from Grüass Di a Gott Wirt, that is!

for more information:

  • Visit the restaurant’s website.

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