Mexican Food and Groceries

Q. Are there any good Mexican restaurants in Vienna? Where can I buy ingredients for Mexican cooking? (compiled from several posts)

A. Mas is an upscale Mexican restaurant in the 8th district.

A. Maya’s in Millenium City has passable Mexican food that will satisfy the craving in a pinch.

A. El Patio de Nando in the 3rd district has fantastic Mexican food and exceptionally friendly service. This restaurant is also very kid-friendly.

A. Restaurant La Paz in the 9th (five minute walk from the embassy) has good Bolivian food, but it is not always open when its website says it’s open. Also, it’s a small restaurant that fills up quickly on the weekend, so go early.

A. Casa Mexico in the 7th district sells almost anything you would need to make Mexican food, plus it also carries some pre-made frozen foods such as tamales and party supplies such as piñatas. (Read our review of Casa Mexico here.)

A. Prosi Exotic Supermarket in the 7th district carries a large variety of ingredients for Mexican/South American, Caribbean, Asian, and Indian cooking. They also have a limited range of fresh produce and American dry good such as cake mixes and frostings. (Read our review of Prosi here.)


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