Austrian Children’s Music

Q. I’m looking for a CD or website with Austrian children’s songs – particularly Christmas ones right now. Any recommendations? (Posted 11/30/2012)

A. There’s a guy with a complete stall of Christmas CDs at Am Hof…might be a good option.

A. You can also get CDs at Libro and Pargo…I have seen displays in the past couple of days with Christmas ones.

A. Our Austrian playgroup moderator highly recommends this CD of children’s music: “Zehn kleine Krabbelfinger” von Gesa Wohlleben und marianne Austermann. She also recommended this Christmas book, which comes with a CD (or has a CD associated with it, I am not sure which…): “Kleine Kerze leuchte” von Detlef Jöcker und Rolf kreuzer.


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