Bellevue Alm in Bad Gastein

Located at 1300m above Bad Gastein, the Bellevue Alm is a great place for dinner or Apre Ski.  In winter, the lodge is easily accessed on the ski piste on the way down into the valley.  There is a road you can hike to get up to the lodge for dinner, though snowshoes may be helpful depending on the time of year.  If you prefer the easy route up, you can take the Alm’s private single chairlift to dinner (6.50 Euro round trip / 4 Euro one way) for a spectacular view of the valley at night.  If you are feeling a bit more adventurous after dinner, you can take the rodelbahn down to the valley on the snow covered road.  We could not ride down due to lack of snow, but the lift ride was both beautiful and peaceful.

In the summer, the Bellevue Alm is an easy stop on the way up to or from the Stubnerkogel for both hikers and mountain bikers.

The four of us enjoyed cheese fondue in a very traditional environment.

Bellevue Alm
5640 Bad Gastein


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