Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Q. Does anyone know of toddler gym classes or activities? Like a Little Gym/My Gym type thing? Looking for an indoor activity for my son (15 months) for the winter months. (Posted 1/8/2013)

A.  Gymnastics (Turnenverin). There are a number of Gymnastics Clubs throughout the city, many of them run Mother & Child classes for 2-4 year olds (and progressive classes for older children). All the clubs come under the auspices of, to find your local club search….

A. I’ve never tried this, but thought it might be worth checking out:

A. I am taking my kids (2 and 3 years) to a parent-kid gym class through the SportUnion in Doebling; drop in classes are free if you want to check it out. Sport Union is in other districts as well, so check out their website to see which is closest to you.

A. My daughter (22 months) goes to a play group called Little Big Ones in the 1st district, which is conducted in English. Contact: (Read TriVienna’s review of Little Big Ones here.)

A. My daughter (22 months) goes to a play group at Q19 that is conducted in German. The moderator speaks English (she lived in Ireland for several years) and most of the people in the group speak some English as well. The moderator runs a variety of play/activity groups, some in English, some in German. Here’s her website: (Read TriVienna’s review of bfamily here.)



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