Q. What is an appropriate tip for various services? (Compiled from various posts.)

A.  I asked my Austrian tutor about giving holiday gifts to the post man. She said that you are not obligated to do so, but it is a good idea to leave your post man and garbage man a holiday tip/gift of about EUR 5.

A. We tip our household help the equivalent of one day’s pay, along with a small gift.

A. I was not comfortable with the advice on restaurant tipping I’d previously received, so I asked my Austrian tutor what the tipping custom is here. She said if you are satisfied with the service, you leave a 10% tip then round up to the nearest 1 Euro. (Note: others commented that a 10% tip seems too high and they just round up.)

A. EUR 2-3 for a food delivery service such as groceries through Billa’s website. (Note: People who order bulkier items such as pet food, cat litter, etc. tip EUR 3-5.)

A. EUR 2-3 for a dinner delivery service such as www.willessen.at.


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