Birthday Party Venues

Q. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to host a child’s birthday party? Also, has anyone invited Austrian children to their parties? If so, how did you do it? Unfortunately I speak little/no German and I don’t know how I would host a party with kids I can’t talk to. (Posted 3/4/2013)

A. Party places I’ve been to are Monki Park at Millenium City and Lollipop at Q19. Both have bouncy castle and obstacle course type of things kids love. I have also been to Minopolis but I think that’s more for school age kids. As far as inviting Austrian kids, the parents usually speak English and many times the kids do too. Plus, the staff at these party places usually speak both and can help in that regard. (Note: Read TriVienna’s reviews of Monki Park and Minopolis for first hand reviews of these venues.)

A. We’ve been to parties at Schonbrunn kids museum, Family Funland (they have a huge little-kids area and party rooms…plus they provide cake and drinks), Cobenzl petting zoo (where you get to choose to make pizza or cookies…they have bilingual helpers run the show), and the sand box at Turkenschanz park (free but more work). We tend to send email invitations in English and German if there’s a class list. (Note: Read TriVienna’s reviews of the Schonbrunn kids museum, Cobenzl petting zoo, and Turkenshanz park for first hand reviews of these venues.)


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