Good Sushi

Q. Where can I find good sushi in Vienna? (Compiled from various posts)

A. There is a very good sushi place called Toko Ri on Gonzagagasse in the 1st. We tried it because I found a website recommending it as one of the best sushi places in the city, and it is indeed very good. There are fishtanks in the restaurant, so good for an early dinner with kids, and they will also do takeaway.

A. The sushi at both Asia Vienna and Manga was pretty good. Nothing fancy like some of the rolls you see in the States, but not bad. The running sushi place at Millenium City is decent, too.

A. Dots, which has locations in both the 19th and on Mariahilferstrasse. (Read TriVienna’s review of Dots here.)

A. Yohm down in the 1st district is really good! A little more expensive but nice for special celebrations…one of my favorites!


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